3 Common and Unhealthy Food Combinations That You Should Avoid If You Have GERD (Acid Reflux)

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Lots of people would want to know how to naturally cure their GERD, acid reflux, or some other digestive disorder they have. They may have been tired of taking the very same medicines prescribed by their doctor again and again, and have not attained significant results. This is the reason many are now searching for alternative ways to alleviate and if possible cure their condition how to get rid of acid reflux permanentlyacid reflux burning throat relief.

There are many common and unhealthy food combinations that you should avoid, but 3 of them stand out, and these are usually the typical diet of most individuals: 1. Knowing this fact might cost the usual fast food restaurants around your area a lot of profits, but your health is the problem here. We all know how delicious a hamburger is and how great it’s to go with fries. However, the fundamental problem here is that one is a protein and the other starch, and these two should not be combined with any meal at any particular time. If you’re suffering from GERD, acid reflux or any stomach ailment, think about the time when you’re regularly taking your physician’s medication and still feeling the same results.

Is it that you just could not resist this sort of food?

2. I won’t be needing any hamburger and fries, so I’ll just go for my second best favorite, spaghetti, and meatballs! Surely that won’t be any problem, right? Unfortunately, the same can be said for this yummy food combination. Spaghetti is mostly made up of starch (and sometimes the sauce itself may aggravate your GERD or acid reflux), and meatballs are a real type of protein. It’s hard to admit, but these two aren’t just compatible with each other, although I know, they admittedly taste great together.

3. Eggs and Toast — For those of you who like to have this as one of your meal mixes every breakfast time, think again. You’re better off starting out daily with a choice of your favorite fruits (alone) than thinking that eggs and toast would give you that much-needed boost of energy you need to get going. All three food combinations are mere that tasty, and some are even mouth-watering.

You may also be caught up in the practice of making any or all of these three a healthy diet. But the fact remains, they are a recipe for digestive disaster. Digestive problems such as GERD are the #1 reason people visit their doctors now. The #1 reason. The catastrophe is most people spend their whole life in treatment and standard drugs, only to feel the same, or a lot much worse. Hey, I felt like a laboratory rat undergoing trial and error approaches by my physicians and gastroenterologists, while they kept on burning a hole in my pocket natural remedy for gerd!

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