The Causes and How To Cure Chronic Heartburn

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Chronic heartburn may be indicative of other medical conditions like a Hiatal hernia, Barrett’s esophagus, esophagitis or at least GERD. Let us analyze why heartburn happens in the first place. Heartburn afflicts a person when partially digested food mixed with gastric juice or the gastric juice alone escapes back into the esophagus causing a pain behind the breastbone in the torso click here.

All of us have confronted these conditions at any point in time, however, if it continually recurs over three times in a week, it is supposed to have grown into chronic heartburn and may be indicative of GERD. Not everybody who suffers from acid reflux is a patient of chronic heartburn, in most people, it is an occasional event. However, some factors aggravate it is others, and it develops into chronic heartburn. Let’s see what these factors are: Gender – It was observed that more women suffer from chronic heartburn when compared to men.

It may be that a woman’s esophageal sphincter malfunctions more frequently allowing the gastric acid to escape into the esophagus, causing mild to chronic heartburn. For those women who are pregnant, the risk is much higher. This may be because when the belly swells because of the existence of the fetus, it puts pressure on the stomach, pushing the contents up. Doctors should be consulted while treating chronic heartburn in senior women. Another common cause is obesity.

It has been observed that people that are clinically obese suffer more than their thinner counterparts. The purpose of this again lies in the extra fat in the belly area putting pressure on the stomach and pushing the gastric acid up the esophagus. This causes heartburn, and it might become acuter if the excess weight is not shed. Some genetic factors also contribute to chronic indigestion. It’s been observed that some races like the Caucasians and the Hispanics suffer more frequently when compared to the Asians or the colored races.
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Genetic science is making progress in leaps and bounds across the world, and maybe we will understand the motives behind this predisposition soon as a result of new research. Chronic heartburn, whether or not it has progressed to the stage of GERD, can be treated in several ways. The most straightforward remedy that of popping in an over the counter ranitidine pill would most likely be useless in a severe case. Intervention by a physician is most frequently required at this stage.

Doctors typically recommend drugs containing ranitidine, Histamine 2 blockers, and metoclopramide or proton pump inhibitors. Sometimes more than one of these compositions is prescribed in combination to cure a case of chronic heartburn. The dosage is determined by the physician based on the severity of the condition. In rare instances when Hiatal hernia fundoplication accompanies indigestion, surgery is done to counter its origin physically. Lifestyle changes are also a must to make this treatment permanent.

These involve avoiding certain habits like drinking and smoking, losing excess weight, staying up quickly after a meal rather than sleeping off, sleeping in advocated posture, eating smaller meals and following the particular heartburn diet. These simple measures, frequently even without medical intervention, have been observed to cure chronic heartburn permanently and to remove its debilitating symptoms home remedy for acid reflux.
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